Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A day in the life of...

an exhausted, procrastinating, grad-school attending, mother of twins. On another blog that I read regularly she did a post that included everything she did for a day and she does this from time to time so she has snapshots of her life at different stages.

I thought this was an excellent idea so I attempted something similar. So this is what a typical tuesday looks like for me.

6:30 am - Eli wakes up, listen to him for a few moments and hope he goes back to sleep.
7:30 am - Eli wakes up again (he did go back to sleep from the above moment).
-Marcus gets up with the babies so I can sleep (I love him)
8:00 am - Marcus comes into the room with Eli to say hello and ask what time I need to get up
8:15 am - I get out of bed
-Marcus gives both babies a bath (did I mention I love him)
-I wash the bottles and do all the dishes
-Marcus throws in three loads of laundry from the babies
8:45 am - Marcus showers
9:00 am - Marcus leaves for class where he'll be until 2:00 pm
-Babies play on the floor
-I attempt to do some reading for my class at 11:30 am
-I read a few pages then go grab Eli from whatever thing he's currently grabbing
9:25 am - put babies in their highchairs to play.
-Go switch laundry from washers to dryers.
-Hang up all the clothes we line dry
9:45 -Move highchairs to the bathroom so I can shower with babies in sight
-Eli & Emerson drop all their toys on the floor and start to meltdown a bit
-Quick shower and teeth brushing
-Check email quickly while holding Eli
10:00 am - Blow dry hair
-Go get the laundry out of the dryers
-Phone call from my supervisor to set up a time to meet this week
10:15 am - feed Eli and put him down for a nap
-Feed Emerson and put her down for a nap
-Pick up the living room and clear off dining room table
-Finish my reading for class at 11:00 am
11:20 am - Lydia arrives to watch the babies who are both asleep which makes leaving easy. No meltdowns from Emerson
11:30 am - 12:30 pm - Class
-Get held up after class to discuss my knowledge about domestic violence and if I would be willing to put together some type of training.
12:40 pm - Arrive home to two happy, smiling, babies. Lydia leaves
12:45 pm - Feed babies bananas
-let them play in their high chairs while I quickly eat lunch, check email/facebook
-Put them on the floor and we all play together.
2:15 pm Marcus comes home from class and gets ready for his internship/work
-We eat lunch from Subway that Marcus brought home and talk a little bit
-Marcus leaves
2:45 pm - Feed Eli again and lay him down for a nap again.
-Try to feed Emerson she's not intersted. Put her in the swing for a nap.
3:00 pm - Delfin arrives to baby-sit.
-Emerson freaks out in her swing so I get her out.
- I hand her off to Delfin and she seems okay so I run out the door before she notices
-Walk the mile to class
3:30- 5:30 pm Class- a really, really boring class
-Get a ride home. Babies are happy and smiling once again.
5:45 pm Feed the babies green beans (Eli spits them all out)
-play with the babies
-get them ready for bed, change diapers, put on PJ's
6:30 pm-Feed Eli and put him in bed
-Feed Emerson and lay her down (She starts screaming immediately).
6:45 pm - Marcus comes home (Yay!!) He goes and picks Emerson up.
-Rocks Emerson and lays her back down.
-She screams again and wakes up Eli in the process
-We each take a baby and rock them.
-I hold Emerson for a little while while checking my email.
-Marcus gets Eli back to sleep.
-Emerson is quiet in her crib for a few moments.
-Finish reading for my class on Wednesday.
-Emerson cries, Marcus gets her.
7:45 pm -Write a summary that needs to be posted by 8:00 pm
-Check facebook etc.
8:20 pm - Leave for my school to work on a mid-term
-Emerson is still awake at this point.
-attempt to do work at the school
-10:30 pm - come home
-Talk to Marcus since i haven't seen him all day
-Message board
11:13 pm - Finish this blog and hopefully go to sleep

So there we have it. I think I mostly remembered everything. At first I started writing things down as I did them but then that got complicated in the midst of everything else. It will be interesting to see how my life changes in 6 months once I'm graduated and living who knows where doing who knows what.


Becks said...

Wow, you are amazing! I think I would probably have a nervous breakdown! If there is one thing God has gifted you with, it's mighty strength :)

Queenie. . . said...

Wow. You guys are amazing. You must have fantastic babysitters to be able to pull off a schedule like that. How are your job searches coming? (And when do you even have time to look for a job?!)

~Jess said...

It's beyond impressive what you guys are able to accomplish...I certainly look like a bum in comparison lol I second Becks with God's gift to you.