Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Marcus!!

Yesterday Marcus turned 25 or half-way to fifty as we like to call it around here. (Stemming from when I turned 25 and Marcus told me I looked 1/2 was to 50). Overall it was a pretty low key birthday. Marcus had class in the morning and then we went out for a birthday lunch at Olive Garden. The babies sat in restaurant highchairs for the first time (after a lot of convincing that our babies were old enough, could hold their heads up, and would be okay in a highchair. Our server seemed concerned and didn't believe us).

Lunch went mostly okay. Emerson love sitting in her highchair.
And she liked chewing on the breadstick. (Marcus and I had quite the conversation about whether or not it was okay for her to chew on bread).

She seems to be okay... and she really loved it? (This whole table food thing is a little bit confusing and nerve wracking). 

Eli had little patience for the highchair and desperately wanted down so he could explore. The boy never ever holds still. The only thing that slows him down at all is books. He'll stop whatever he's doing to listen to the story and look at the pictures in the books. 

He started screaming...

And so we each took turns holding him while we ate. Not exactly a relaxing meal but we are getting a little better at taking them places. 

We had to postpone cake because I had two meetings which occupied the rest of the day but hopefully we can finish celebrating Marcus' birthday on Saturday. 

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~Jess said...

It looks like you guys had a good time. You're right: The whole food thing is entirely stressful...everyone makes you feel like you're doing something absolutely wrong and are going to destroy your child somehow...It's food: We all eat it: We all need it.

Of course I am as guilty as anyone for feeling like I'm doing something wrong.