Friday, March 12, 2010

Physical Therapy Update


Developmental Team Objectives:
1.) Transitions in and out of sitting
2.) Sitting independently
3.) Hands & Knees/crawling
4.) Standing to play

1.) Sitting-reach to side & moving to side sitting
2.) Tummy --> Sitting, knees --> Sitting
3.) Standing to play
4.) Kneeling at couch cushion

Progress since last visit:

Eli can sit alone fairly well, though likes to fall backwards. He scoots along on his tummy by moving into a push up position on hands & toes. Can move 10-15 feet/under couch, etc. In this manner. Can go sitting --> tummy independently.

During Today's Visit: 
Worked on getting into hands and knees and staying there to play/reaching up with 1 hand. Worked on tummy--> hands & knees --> Sitting. Stood at couch to play (cushion removed) - tends to lean with body & play with both hands needs full support for balance. Hands & knees/kneeling at cushion on floor - beginning to put weight through a hand and keep chest/tummy off cushion.

Suggested activities for daily routine:
1.) Lots of floor time. Help him move from tummy --> hands, knees --> hips to one side --> sitting.
2.) Sitting to play - encourage him to move into side sitting to play with toy.
3.) Hands & knees - see how long he can hold it. See if he can shift weight to free one hand for play.
4.) Kneeling at couch cushion -- tummy off cushion.
5.) Put a leg out when he's scooting & see if he can figure out how to get over it.
6.) Standing at couch with cushion removed -- encourage 1 hand holding on for balance & 1 hand to play. Try to decrease leaning on couch with body.


Developmental Team Objectives:
1.) Sitting independently 
2.) Lying --> sitting
3.) Hands & knees
4.) Standing holding on

1.) Tummy time
2.) Kneeling at cushion
3.) Standing at couch with support
4.) Sitting

Progress since last visit:
Great progress! Emerson is sitting by herself for short periods of time & has fairly good sitting posture. More tolerant of tummy time --> pushing up onto extended arms & pivoting in place. Doing exercises on therapy ball. Putting more toys in her mouth.

During Today's Visit: 
Worked on sitting with no support --> minimal support & reaching to get toys. Did some standing at couch with cushion removed -- needs lots of support for balance & tends to keep hands off support. Kneeling at couch cushion on floor, needs some help to keep her knees bent, leans body on cushion. Showed how to go from kneeling to sitting by swinging hips to one side. Pushed up nicely on extended arms on tummy, chest off floor. 

Suggested activities for daily routine:
1.) Lots of time sitting - work on reaching for toys, holding them with both hands and banging toys together. Gradually increase distance she can reach.
2.) Kneeling at cushion on floor - try to get hands down & tummy/chest off surface. Swing hips to side to move to sitting when tired.
3.) Sitting on exercise ball - tipping slowly in all directions for trunk balance. 
4.) Lots of floor time, still makes sure she gets some tummy time each day.
5.) Standing at couch with cushion removed. Try to get both hands forward to play. 

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