Saturday, March 20, 2010

Story time fail...

not the babies they did great, but story time itself was totally lame. Both babies love books. They love looking at the pictures and being read to so I thought it would be fun to go to story time at the bookstore. Yeah, not so much. The lady reading the book was the dullest woman alive. One would think if it was your job to read to children one might use a little enthusiasm and I don't know... make it entertaining for the children but no. No emotion, no enthusiasm, just a flat reading of each book. She also seemed a little put off that we brought the babies because of their age.

We sat through three books before we thanked her and went on our way. The cutest thing though is that Eli is starting to associate "dada" with Marcus. In one of the books every time the woman read the word "daddy" Eli would say loudly, "DADA" and then clap. It was adorable. Emerson was also listening pretty intensely and reaching for the book until another boy crowded her space and then she panicked and twisted around in my lap and put her arms up for me to save her.

So overall we do story time better ourselves at home, but we bought the babies a new book, and at least we tried.
Eli reading some books 

Emerson reading a book at the store.

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Debbie said...

okay, I am TOTALLY delighted at the idea of the babies going to story time.
I can't wait!! (to do my own story time with them)
In fact....we went to the library today and I checked them out a book. Because it had a chicken using the words "I-Carumba!!" I though they would love it, because you could really put some emotion in the "i-carumba!"
Of course, it's due back befoe they'll ever see it.