Monday, March 15, 2010


I gave the babies Cheerios for the first time today and they were a little confused by the whole thing. Eli couldn't figure out how to pick the cheerios up so he settled for just hitting them over and over with his palm. When I helped him put a cheerio in his mouth he was appalled. He closed his eyes, squeezed his nose and face, and spit it out. It was overly dramatic and hilarious. So no cheerios for Eli.

Emerson on the other hand has an excellent pincher grasp and could easily pick up the individual cheerios. However, she too had little desire to eat them. Instead she spent a lot of time concentrating on picking up each and every cheerio trying her best to get them all in her hands.

She actually got pretty close too. Except that occasionally she would have too many and go to grab another and they would all fall out so she had to start over again. Once she picked them all up she just held them tight in her fists. Crazy kids of mine. We'll try again soon.


~Jess said...

Hahaha....too funny! Let the throwing of food begin!

Queenie. . . said...

I have an acquaintance with boy-girl twins. She once said that prior to having her twins, she would've fought anyone to the end who claimed that gender differences are innate. She said she totally believed it was nurture, not nature. But, having her twins taught her differently. She said they had the same toys for years, and her son would be destroying them while her daughter tucked hers into bed. I wonder if this is what she meant? (Eli slamming them while jis sister neatly picks them up...)