Friday, March 5, 2010

Here, there, and everywhere...

That's where Eli is all over the place and into everything. He doesn't actually crawl and he moves mostly using his upper body while pushing with his friend. As my friend Delfin said to Eli the other day while laughing "You look like a frog." And he does, but despite the fact that it's not full out crawling each day he improves his technique and gets faster and we can't leave him along for even a minute.

This afternoon I came into the bedroom to take a nap (I'm in recovery from three late nights of school work) and heard Marcus, who had just changed Emerson's diaper in the Nursery, say to Eli, "How did you get into the kitchen?" Yes, we are most certainly in trouble.

Among his favorite spots are...

Underneath the table where a lamp cord and the charger for the laptop are located. He also loves to hit the base of the lamp and chew and grab onto any cord he sees. We are constantly pulling him back out. He also knows he's not suppose to be under there so when he goes, he always looks back and me to see if I'm going to come get him or not.

The openings on the coffee table, although this is mostly allowed because he usually goes for the cubby that contains his books, and that makes me really happy. (I have a secret desire that both my children will be lovers of books and readers like me).
Underneath the swing, which is also mostly okay since there's nothing dangerous back there.

And the old favorite spot under the couch. (I promise he started crying right as I took the picture or I would have saved him sooner). He has taken the couch thing to a whole new level though because he now gets his entire body and head underneath and then can't get back out.

Marcus and I ordered some baby gate things today so we can hopefully secure the area a little more. It's so crazy he literally does laps around Emerson and goes any where his little heart desires. He's also still getting onto his knees and rocking so I imagine the full fledge crawling will arrive shortly.

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~Jess said...


I think it's time to baby proof lol
We have the same coffee table and it has got to be one of the least kid-friendly...I just told Matt that we're going to have to find a place for all that stuff...and possible replace it with baskets of toys and books for A.

Eli is just too funny.