Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Unplanned Dr. visit today...

My aunt after reading about the cramping and back pain I had a few days ago asked if I thought I could possibly have a UTI. I've never had one before but the thought that I may have a bladder infection did enter my mind for several other reasons so I decided to email my doctor to see what they thought, and what they thought is that I should be seen. Great...

This was probably one of the most awkward appointments I've ever had. Prior to my appointment I had a class downtown with a guest lecturer which lasted 2.5 hours and after it was over I HAD to go to the bathroom. I knew that the doctor would want a urine sample but since it was only 3:40 and my appointment wasn't until 4:00 I figured it would be no problem. Wrong, when I arrived at the doctor at 3:45 I was immediately called back. Apparently a snow storm is enough to clear out a doctor's office and I was their sole patient fastest response ever, which normally would be great but not to great when they want a urine sample and I had none to give. Which then just seemed to annoy everyone and this appointment turned into Pee Watch 2009. Everyone was just standing around waiting for me to use the bathroom.

To waste time they took my weight, and I'm now up a total of 13 pounds. We looked at the babies they were jumping around like crazy, and I proceeded to drink 3 bottles of water in about 2 mins (I'm not kidding). Then we all continued to wait. FInally, all that was taken care of and the doctor had me start an antibiotic in the meantime. She would rather I start the antibiotic now and if the culture comes back negative stop, rather than risk the alternative.

Overall, it was just awkward.

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