Thursday, February 19, 2009

21 Weeks

This can officially be classified as the week where people I don't really know ask inappropriate questions. I'm obviously showing as people are now asking whether I'm pregnant, which is fine, it's many of the follow up questions I have problems with. In the last week people have asked some of the following:

"Did you do this on purpose?"
"You're not taking a year off?"
"Is your marriage okay?"
"Wow you both have crappy paying jobs."

Among a variety of other invasive questions from people that I don't really know that well. I hate feeling like I have to defend myself or my family/career/school choices. Marcus and I are not stupid people. We did not enter into this decision lightly, and I don't appreciate the inquisition into these things by people.

Aside from the annoying-ness of people, the rest of life is pretty much as it has been. I'm still not sleeping, I'm sore, I'm tired but all that is too be expected and it's not too bad. I'm so busy these days between work, school, and internship and know that I'm probably going to need to slow down a little and listen to my body. Also the babies are so active these days and I love it. Sometimes they randomly start doing things while I'm in class and I've decided they start acting up when they get bored. haha maybe they're tired of school especially latin american art and architecture not the most entertaining of classes.

I also discovered this week that I find most maternity clothes to be over priced and hideous. Thus far I haven't bought much. Many of my pre-pregnancy shirts still work since they're longer and strechy and then I bought a couple of pairs of maternity jeans. However, in this next couple of weeks I'm going on several interviews for placement sites for an internship next year and I need professional attire. Yeah right. What a huge joke. I ended up wearing some pre-pregnancy slacks (Which don't button at all) so I had to use the belly band to cover that/hold them up, and then I had a blouse that still works because it's kind of flowy, but I can't very well wear that for all of the interviews. I also hate how expensive this stuff is. It's a temporary wardrobe and I just don't feel like I can justify spending so much money on clothes that will only be used for a short time. I don't even spend that much money on my regular wardrobe. This is going to be a problem. I have no idea where to look for clothes. The places I've been have about 3 shirts and they all cost way to much. Oh well I guess...

In other baby news we bought the cribs today. We decided just to go with a simple, basic crib from Ikea. It was the most money friendly option and the cribs get high safety ratings, and the babies are really not going to care where they sleep. We probably won't set them both up for a while because I'm still a little paranoid. I don't dwell on the bad at all, I'm just very aware that things could still go wrong.

Tomorrow we have another growth scan to check the babies, especially the little girl to make sure she's still growing and to re-check her organs and other areas that could be markers for problems. I'm both excited to see our babies and a little nervous. They'll also check my cervix again and make sure all is well.

Here are the belly pictures for the week. I look awful once again. I wonder if I look that exhausted and awful in real life or only in the pictures.

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