Friday, February 20, 2009

Growth Scan #1

The good news: The babies look good, moving like crazy all over the place. They both still have all of the parts that are important (especially the little girl with her umbilical cord issue) and their growth is good. The little boy weighs 15oz and the little girl 13 oz which is 9% difference which is exactly what it was 4 weeks ago. They want twins to be within 20-25% so the babies are well within that range, and they're both growing on the same growth rate as before, our little girl is probably just always going to be smaller because of genetics nothing to do with the umbilical cord at this point.

The bad news: My cervix length decreased a lot. Last time it was 3.6 this time it was 2.7 so almost a cm difference and once it goes 2.5 or under that's considered not safe. At this point they're not putting me on bed rest but they want me to be cautious of my walking habits and try to take it easy. They also want to re-check the cervix in 2 weeks instead of 4 to make sure it's not shortening any more. Once I reach 24 weeks they can do another test to see if I'm at risk for pre-term labor, and they will continue to monitor both the cervix length (every two weeks) and the growth of the babies (every 4 weeks). Marcus now wants me to quit my job, which is something I'm considering but I'm going to wait and see what the measurement is in 2 weeks. The shortening cervix was another one of my fears and I'm so worried about pre-term labor, especially right now. I'm only 21 weeks they need to stay put for a really really long time.

The neutral news: They probably will want me to see a maternal specialist who specializes in von willebrands because I'm having twins and there is so much more blood going to the uterus than with a single baby it's possible I may need DDAVP at the delivery. So now we just hope and pray that the cervix stops shortening and the babies keep growing they way that they are.

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