Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Pics of the babies...

Our babies already have totally different personalities. At every ultrasound thus far Baby A our boy has been a star. He seems to love having his picture taken and also provides picture perfect profiles which yesterday resulted in the ability to get some 3D pictures. The little girl on the other hand is either stubborn or shy, probably a combination of both. She resists the scan. She plants herself face down and then hide her face with her hands. Every time the tech, would almost have a good angle the little girl would move, or put her hands in the way. Crazy girl, especially since she's the one we need to check up on more due to her umbilical cord. We did get one 3D picture of the baby girl, but her hands are blocking her face, and she was moving so she kind of looks like an alien or something. Maybe we'll have better luck next time.

Here's our little boy sucking his thumb. Isn't he cute? ( I think he's just adorable. With his little hand on his head and sucking on his thumb).

Another picture of the baby boy since he was so cooperative and seemed to love the attention.

And our stubborn little girl, who wouldn't hold still and is using both her hands to block the shot which resulted in a kind of a scary picture. Crazy baby. She was being like her dad yesterday both shy and stubborn. Marcus often has similar reactions to my wanting to take pictures of him.

(Clicking on the pictures makes them a little bigger)

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Debbie said...

they are the most beautiful babies!!