Thursday, February 12, 2009

20 Weeks!

Which for some is half way, but I'm not really betting on actually making it to 40 weeks although if I could I would because I just want big healthy babies, but I would take 38 weeks or so. Let's see what's happening in the exciting world of me being pregnant this week? Nothing really. Sleep still sucks because it's non-existent. I just can't lay on my left side it hurts so much, and it doesn't help that I have to use the bathroom every 2 hours, so all in all that's not much fun. Also my uterus is sore. I think it's from the babies growing and stretching but walking and moving sometimes requires a lot of effort.

Work still doesn't really know that I pregnant and as the days go by it's just getting more awkward for me. Oh, well someday they'll know. Although my co-worker, who also happens to be a div. school student and my good friends boyfriend did mention that I should probably tell them or they'll all just think I'm getting fat(he obviously knows). Haha.

I also told my internship supervisor and the other student placed at my internship site. I'm shocked that neither of them knew or had a clue. My supervisor shook my hand, it was a very guy like thing to do and made me laugh a little.

Marcus felt a baby yesterday. I thought he might be able to if he just put his hand on my belly and waited (because it's not consistent still) and he did feel a little twitch, the look on his face was adorable when he realized what he felt. Each day the babies are moving more and more and sometimes it still takes me by surprise but I love it I encourage them often to kick me.

In food news I'm still hungry all the time and the only thing I seem to really "crave' in the traditional pregnancy sense is anything cold. Smoothies, Popsicles, slushies.

That's all. Still just hanging in there, growing bigger, and being thankful everyday that I'm pregnant. I'll have to post a pic. on Saturday because I'm leaving for Boston and Marcus isn't home, and I don't feel like getting out the tripod. 20w2d is close enough for the 20 week picture I think.

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