Thursday, February 26, 2009

22 Weeks...

I love thursday because with each thursday we're one week closer to having healthy big babies. This week I've been doing my best to stay off my feet and lighten my backpack load. I'm nervous about the state of my cervix and still have another week before we check it again. I'm also exhausted. I read/heard that the second trimester is suppose to bring renewed energy after the fatigue that's so common in the first, this however is not true for me at all. I'm so tired that sometimes the thought of having to get up and leave the apartment is enough to bring me to tears.

Yesterday I even skipped a class which I never ever do because I was to physically exhausted to walk the few feet to the school. Which has me a little bit concerned for how I'm going to survive the rest of this semester. It probably doesn't help that I can't sleep. I'll fall asleep for about 3 hours but consistently wake up around 2 to use the bathroom and then can't go back to sleep. I'm unable to find a comfortable way to sleep, and the pain in my back and legs just keeps increasing, which isn't unexpected. I have an appointment with my rheumatologist in a week so I wonder what he''ll have to say about the fibro. stuff and pregnancy. I think I may just have to endure it. I can no longer do my physical therapy not that I would given my cervix and the need to take it easy, but man I never expected the pain to be this bad. Hot baths are my friend, well not that hot since Marcus freaks out, but they do help with some of the pain.

Other than that the babies are getting more and more active. They move, kick, and flip all the time and I love it. It still sometimes takes me by surprise. Marcus has felt them a few times but it requires his patience holding his hand on my stomach until they decide to cooperate.

I also finally told my boss today because he asked if I was planning on working this summer which was the question I had been waiting for since it's a natural way to bring it up. His reaction was by far the weirdest and I had such a hard time knowing how to respond. I feel as though the entire conversation needs to be recorded, honestly just for the record this goes on the list of things not to say when someone tells you they're pregnant.

Boss: Are you planning on working this summer?
Me: I'd like to but I'm pregnant so I'm going to be busy with babies this summer.
Boss: (looking are really oblivious I'm discovering, I'm obviously pregnant at this point) When are you Due.
Me: July 2nd
Boss: Almost like my son, but that was six years ago. Do you have Yale health plan? (My insurance)
Me: Yes...
Boss: Well I hope you don't die...
Me: Um... I'll try to avoid that
Boss: My wife almost died after she gave birth, she almost bled to death
Me: Oh (I didn't know what to say)
Boss: But we pulled through, and at least they pay for everything. I'm sure they probably have some good doctors just be careful.
Me: um... okay I'll keep that in mind...

So incredibly weird. Seriously the appropriate response is not to tell someone you hope they don't die... who says that to a pregnant woman. It was funnier when I texted Marcus with the news that I had finally told my boss, and Marcus wanted to know his response, all I texted back was, "He told me he hopes I don't die." So so strange. At least he knows now.

My 22 week belly:

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