Sunday, January 22, 2012

Today I learned you have to pay for prescriptions...

Who knew? This was brand new information?  (And for all those incapable of reading my sarcasm it's very thick at this moment).

I've posted before about the insane cost of my Crohn's medication to the tune of $679 (this time around).

Marcus dropped my prescription off at a new pharmacy a couple of days ago and today they called me and we had the following very enlightening conversation. The brackets are just the things I thought but didn't say.

Them: We have a prescription here for you and we want to make sure you want to fill it.

Me: Yes please. [That's why I dropped it off]

Them: You do realize this is a very expensive medication?

Me: Yes I do it's very unfortunate.

Them: It's $679.

Me: Yes that's about what I was expecting.

Them: You have a very high deductible on your insurance plan.

Me: Yes I know that too is unfortunate.

Them: You do realize that if we fill this we are going to expect payment.

Me: Umm... yes. [Generally that it how it works. I drop the prescription, you fill it, I pay you.]]

Them: Are you sure you understand that this is an expensive medication?

Me: Yes I'm quite aware.

Them: So you want us to fill it.

Me: Yes [this is why I dropped it off].

Good lord what a bunch of insanity, and I'm not sure I even convinced them that I understood the concept of payment. They seemed uneasy about the whole thing.  I've never ever been grilled about getting this prescription filled before. The first time I filled it the cost was $1300 (before insurance I had much better insurance when I was a grad student. How I miss that coverage) and that was a huge surprise and shock to the system but there was no debate and demeaning conversation in which they attempted to make sure I understood that I would have to in fact pay them.


If any makers or researchers of medications (however that works) are reading could you please make a generic ASAP. I don't know what it involves at all but you can do it!

And while I'm venting about things related to money. I would like to add that I hate propane heat. It's expensive and it seems like every time we turn around the propane company is sending us another ridiculous expensive bill.

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~Jess said...

Wow! That is ridiculous....wonder what there problem was with the prescription. I've never heard of a pharmacy having that much of an issue....unless it's a prescription they don't carry and don't want to bring it in (at their expense) unless they're sure you want it. Either way...silly on their part.