Saturday, January 28, 2012

I love...

Africa University, Zimbabwe 2005

I love my job even though it's not always easy. Even when I get frustrated or sad, or discouraged. Because there's also much joy and love and the message of love, justice, and the transformation of our world. 

I love Eli and Emerson even when they climb onto the kitchen counter in search of chocolate, eat 3 chap-sticks, throw 3 dolls, 2 trains, and a bear inside the bushes and then ask me to get them out, and find my make-up and make themselves look pretty like mama. (this was about one hour of activities this afternoon). 

Connecticut May 2009

I love my husband for being him, and showing up to a church party 2 hours late because he's been working, only to be greeted with clapping and cheering which is pretty much his nightmare situation. Yet, he comes to these things anyways and then goes to the church to make copies of my bulletin at 9pm on a Saturday night.
Connecticut Spring 2008

I love my friends and know that even from thousands of miles away that should I need them they are there.
(We were suppose to be making sad faces because we were graduating and moving away from each other. Some missed the memo. CT May 200)

I am blessed in all the ways that matter most. I think sometimes I have a tendency to focus on the things we don't have, or the frustrations, or the propane bills. This is a reminder of all the good and wonderful things that are more precious than anything else in the world. 
CT spring 2008

I am blessed.

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