Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Funny things Marcus says...

I'm attempting to an exercise program at home. One of the listed suggestions was to do 7 burpees

Me: What the heck is a burpbee

Marcus: Bend down, put your hands on the floor, push your legs out, bring them in, jump up.

Me: Are you sure? I'm going to google it... Okay you were right.

Marcus: Yeah I know what don't you believe me.

Me: That's right because you got a degree in it right.

Marcus: Yeah I have a degree in burpees. (This was full on sarcasm).

I realize this is probably only funny to me, but the way Marcus looked at me when I said he had a degree in it. Haha... he has a degree in Exercise science I probably should just trust his advice.

ETA: I Just finished the exercise routine. Burpees are hard and I'm in very very very bad shape. It's really quite sad.

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