Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Prayer, dentist, doctor and Zumba...

This has been a long exhausting day.

It started with 6:30am prayer. 

Then Eli and Emerson had their first dental appointment. It mostly went well. Eli went first because he generally the more relaxed of the two.

Doesn't he look cute.

He did really well a few silent tears rolled down his face once the chair was laid back and the dentist started trying to look at his teeth. He was very excited about his new toy story toothbrush though

Emmy flipped out. Which I totally expected but it made seeing her teeth much easier. We promised her a sticker when she was done, so as soon as the doctor was done she loudly cried, "STICKER"plus they each got two new books and the toothbrush so in the end they were satisfied. 

(No picture of Emmy she was too upset for such things). 

Thus far their teeth look wonderful and there are no issues.

I hope I passed on my good teeth to them. I've never had a cavity. It's the only health related thing I want to pass on. (I've already passed on a bleeding disorder). 

Marcus has his follow with the doctor for the pain he's been having in his side. No clear answer. They did some more blood work and he has to keep a food diary. He goes back in a few weeks.

And then I ended the evening by attending Zumba for the second time. (The first time was last June). I'm so out of shape, but zumba is so fun. There was a woman there who was probably 6 months pregnant and she was amazing. If I ever have another pregnancy I want the kind where I can go to zumba. None of that hospital bedrest stuff. 

 I also made a vlog but I'm having a hard time getting it to post. 


Creole Wisdom said...

Oh, the thought of Eli's silent tears is so sad! He was obviously very brave. Love that Emerson wanted her sticker RIGHT after it was done. The dentist is always a bummer.

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