Friday, January 13, 2012

Adopted Friends...

Several weeks ago now (probably about a month actually) there was a knock on our door. When Marcus, Eli, and Emerson opened it they found a stuffed puppy and a stuffed pig inside a box with a note that said "911 Emergency" on the inside it read:

"Please adopt us, we are very cold and hungry, we are so sad! Please don't send us away."

How could we say no to that, plus Eli and Emerson were immediately in love and of course they both knew that the pig would be Emerson's and the puppy would belong to Eli and so we welcomed two "new" stuffed friends into our homes.

I say new lightly because these little creatures are well loved (but clean) and Eli and Emerson love them.
I told them to hold up their new friends for the camera. Two year olds are very literal.
Then I told them to put the down a little bit

Then I said, "Not in front of your face" which they listened too but never mind trying to get a picture of them looking at the camera.

It was a fun surprise for Eli and Emmy to find new friends on the porch. I of course new immediately who they were from a wonderful women from my congregation. 


Creole Wisdom said...

What a nice friend you have! Those stuffed animals are so cute, as are the matching pjs!

~Jess said...

That's a pretty creative way to give a stuffed animal. I think I have a few around here that I would like to put up for adoption :-P