Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2 year old check up today...

If the title confuses you you're not alone. I've been trying to tell Eli and Emerson's current doctor's office that they had their two year old check up the day after they turned 2 last May. Yet, the insisted that they were due for another.

So off we went for their 2 year 7 month check up. Eli weights 26lbs 12oz & Emmy is 25lbs even.

They got a flu shot. Emerson still dislikes doctors but she didn't cry as much today so we're making progress. Eli isn't bother by them at all. During the shot he whimpered for about a second. Then when the nurse was done in a very tiny, small voice he said, "Tank tu." Then he happily pointed to the band-aid on his leg and said, "That?"

Emmy got a referral to an ENT and we were on our way. Good times.

Minor, petty, vent. I hate that whenever Eli and Emerson are given stickers at the doctors Emerson always gets princess stickers. She has zero idea who any of the princesses are. She's never seen a single movie or anything else for that matter with a princess.

She wasn't pleased that Eli got Elmo and a truck. In the end Emerson ended up with an Elmo sticker too. Stop gendering my kids people. (I say this mostly joking but also not, but that's another post for another time).


~Jess said...

Where the shots something they needed and didn't get before (just wondering since the appointment was a duplicate 2 year).

Glad that both of them handled the visit and shots well.

sadie607 said...

No Jess they're up to date on everything. They just got the flu shot at this appointment.