Monday, October 17, 2011

Working from home doesn't work...

especially when you have 2 year old twins.

My office is in my house and so most of my work during the week takes places in my home. This is all well and grand except for 2 things: Eli & Emerson.

Oh my word. They seem to know when I'm doing something work related and then they strike.

Last week I was on the phone doing some preparations for a funeral. During that conversation they both climbed up onto my bathroom counter, and were helping themselves to my lotion and my make-up.

After I removed them from that situation Eli went and unplugged the phone and I lost contact all together.

Then tonight I schedule a phone call for 8pm. I assumed that my children would be in bed and asleep by this point.

I put them to bed at 7 and waited for my phone call. As soon as I started my conversation both Eli and Emerson climbed out of their beds, over the fence we have blocking their door and they came out into the living room.

Since I was on a work related call I couldn't even say anything to them, so while trying to maintain a conversation I had to haul each of them back to their beds.

Then we repeated this scenario about 7 times. I was out of breath and so angry all the while trying to talk on the phone. I was also incredibly out of breath due to the lugging of two toddlers over a baby gate repeated times.

Oh my lord. It didn't help that Marcus had to work late tonight too. Normally he gets off at 8 but not tonight.

I'm exhausted these children NEED to nap, and they NEED to go to sleep at night. My sanity and my career depends on it.


~Jess said...

Yikes! Praying for easier times ahead and sleep for Eli and Emerson....I'd be exasperated too!

Sarah said...

Wow, yes. Kids have phone radar, I swear. I work from home also and it can be completely crazy-making at times. :)

Rory, Chocolate Hair/Vanilla Care said...

wow! i feel you! i worked from home for 11 years until our daughter (just a singleton) turned a year old. and all of sudden i just couldn't do it anymore. and i just have one. and i was on-call 24/7 so i missed her first birthday party because i got paged to work. i'm so glad i'm not doing that anymore..... praying things work out and for peace for you! :-D