Sunday, October 23, 2011


I wish there was some way I could preserve, or even describe this child of mine.

She's nuts in the most wonderful way. She's compassionate, she funny, she's stubborn, loud and demanding. Lately, she's been talking more and more.

It's not always words but she chatters non-stop. Talking on the phone is one of her new favorite things and when a parishioner called me this morning, to let me know they wouldn't be at church, Emerson loudly demanded "TALK TALK."

Of course as cute as I think they are I'm not going to subject church members to my children's phone babblings at 9 in the morning that's what grandparents are for.

So after getting of the phone we called her granddad and gram and she filled them in on a few things including, "mama's necklace." Which was her new fascination today. So much so that before we could go to church I had to dig out random necklaces for both of them from my jewelry box.

Later, she she called her gram again and her conversation went something like this, "gakdljfakjdkfj adkfhakdf;akdfa akdhfdakfkadjf yeah."

Did I mention she says yeah? It's hilarious.

Emerson do you want to be a doctor? "Yeah"

Emerson do you want to go to church? "Yeah"

What makes it even better though is you can't trick her. Emerson you want to go to bed? "No"

I pretty much have the best time asking her yes or no questions all day just to see how she's feeling about things.

She also talks to Eli all the time, asks him questions, tells him to do things, give him hugs. Today at dinner she was babbling, "akjdf;kahdk;fhad bubba cuckoo cuckoo." Eli seems to understand her though.

She also recently started saying Hello, except she can't say her l's so it's more like ewwoah.

When she can't find us she shouts "Ewwoah"

When she wants a door opened she knocks and shouts, "ewwoah, ewwoah"

She cracks me up (and frustrates me and challenges me) but I love her little personality and it was in full force today.

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Debbie said...

It was the funniest and funnest conversation I've had in quite some time. She knew EXACTLY what she was talking about.