Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Emmy scared me to death tonight...

I put Eli and Emerson to bed tonight around 7 like usual. Then around 7:45 I went to check on them (this was the third time) because I wanted to see if Emerson finally fell asleep. She's a stubborn little girl and fights sleep.

When I went into their room Emerson's bed was empty. I frantically looked in their closet and on the sides of their beds hoping she was hiding but she wasn't any where in the room.

Then I started searching our house. The entire backside of our house was dark (except for their nightlight) and there was no noise. She wasn't in the toy room or my office (they usually sneak through my office when they get out of bed).

I ran to my bedroom (which was also pitch black) and then I heard her snoring (what a blessing her snoring was tonight). I flipped on the light and found this:
Emerson and piggy sleeping soundly in my bed.

How she managed to get over the baby gate, through the dark and climb into our very tall bed is beyond me. I would just like to reiterate once again how much I hate toddler beds. I miss the safety and security of knowing they're contained. I miss their naps, oh how I miss nap time. They don't nap anymore at all. Eli often gets very close to falling asleep but then Emerson encourages him not to.  

I'm terrified that one day they're going to wake up and wander outside or something (Eli can unlock and open our front door).

Two nights ago Emerson came into our room at 1:00am luckily Marcus heard her as she whispered into the dark "daddy". 

Did I mention I hate toddler beds. 

Luckily, she was safe and sound. Not an experience I ever want to repeat. 


Becks said...

Dude, you need to put those kids down for naps in separate rooms. Why can't you put Emmy down in your room and Eli down in his own room? Then at least ONE of them might get some sleep (Eli, it sounds like).

Why don't you try separate rooms for each of them, and then set a wind up timer (the noisy ticking kind) where Emmy can see and hear it (but not touch it so she can't mess with it). Keep telling her she has to stay quietly in her room until the timer goes off. If she really can't sleep, let her look at books or have a few stuffed animals with her. Every time she comes out, give her whatever consequence you deem appropriate in your family. When the timer goes off, make a BIG deal about naps being done so she gets that she's not stuck in her room forever. Praise her for doing such a good job at naps! It might take a nap or two for her to "get" it, but eventually she will get that she had to take a quiet time every day and disobeying is not an option. Even if she doesn't actually sleep, it will let Eli get the nap he needs, and if will give you the midday break you need.

It would be good for her to have a quiet time each day anyway, as most kids need some kind of midday rest until they are at least 6 or 7!

sadie607 said...

Becks I will try the timer thing. They both freak out a lot when we try separate rooms and they can't be trusted by themselves in my room, office or playroom so finding a second room for one of them to "nap" in is difficult.

But the timer idea is a good one. We have to do something this is not okay.


~Jess said...

I think Becks has a good idea....it's a place to start. As for the wonderings....We have a lot on A's bedroom door....so that if she gets out of the crib, she at least can't get out of her room.

~Jess said...

*Wanderings, not wonderings