Friday, October 21, 2011

Scenes from around our house...

Eli decided that each little pumpkin needs its own coaster.

They're supposed to be in that basket on the right. I find his decorating touches adorable. 
I put them back in the basket and then he moves them back on their coasters. 

I dropped the keys inside the toaster when Marcus was at work and couldn't get them out. I was afraid I would forget to tell him, then he would make toast in the morning, and it seems like nothing good could come from that. So I left a note. 

These days if Eli naps it's in the middle of the family room floor. 

Emmy cut her finger (notice the big bandage). Then she decided both piggy and blankie had owies too. (you can't really see piggy's in the picture), but they all had bandages. It was a very dramatic morning. 

Reading a book inside a storage cube. Whatever works for the boy.
Marcus told Emmy to smile. This is what he got... it's kind of like a smile hahaha.

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~Jess said...

I love the sign on the toaster...completely something I would forget to do, and then end up blowing up the house :-)