Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My little Artists...

The other day I was feeling ready for a mess so I pulled out some paint and decided to let Eli and Emerson make some Halloween paintings.

They both had a great time. Emmy was a little more serious about the actual painting working very carefully and intently. Eli was more excited about the paint in general. I was really proud of him though because he started finger painting on his own free-will and didn't freak out. There was a time when he couldn't handle anything on his hands. We've come so far. 

She was so excited to show me the picture. (Eli wouldn't hold his for me). 

Eli's finished paintings. 

Emmy's finished paintings.

Now of course everyday they ask to paint. I will say as ready I am for our weather to cool down it is nice that the mess could go outside instead of my house.

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~Jess said...

They did a great job!
Ave get's strapped in the high chair before hand, because most of the paint ends up everywhere but the paper.