Sunday, October 30, 2011

PKs (Pastors Kids)...

Eli and Emerson are what is known in my profession as Pks or Pastor's kids. I've heard lots of different kinds of stories about how having a parent as a minister affects the kids growing up, some for better, some for worse. Since they're still really little I'm not overly concerned about any of that quite yet, but it is kind of difficult sometimes to be the mom of 2 year old twins and the pastor during the service.

Marcus serves as the tech. person in the church right now (sort of by default) and so he does his best to manage the technology during the service and our kids too. They were in rare form this morning, probably due to waking up at 6:30 am and so the first part of the service was conducted with Emerson in my arms.

As I was doing the Call to Worship Emerson kept tapping the microphone. So I would say a line and then swing away from the microphone during the congregations response and then repeat the process.

We also had a really small service this morning and so Eli and Emerson were the only kids. It's kind of funny to do the children's moment with just my kids, especially because they're two. I did a 2 year old version of what I had planned and then I told them to fold their hands so we could pray. When I did that Emerson pointed to Marcus and said, "daddy pray too."

She's used to us all praying together and she wanted to make sure he too had his hands folded.

They went to sunday school and I got to finish my service without a child in my arms.

After the service I asked Emerson how sunday school was and she kept pointing to the door and then putting a finger to her lips and saying "shhhh..." I could not figure out what she was trying to tell them.

When I talked to the teacher she told me that they borrowed a wagon from another member in our congregation (It's a small town so people walk to church and the wagon was used to transport the refreshments for fellowship).  As a joke the teacher said, "Shhh... don't tell that we took the wagon without asking." So Emerson was indeed telling me about sunday school, telling me about not telling about the wagon.

Finally, one last note. Eli learned a very valuable PK lesson. We haven't been able to find his backpack that his gram bought him. We had an event last week which included a rummage sale. As we were helping clean up we found his backpack for sale on the table.

Let this be a lesson to him that if he leaves his things at a church they might be donated or sold for 50 cents. He's very happy to have his bag back haha.

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