Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cute things...

I feel like at this age they are constantly doing or saying things that I think are adorable. Of course it's probably mostly adorable to me but it's my blog so I get to share even if no one else cares.

1.) A few mornings ago I was sitting in our rocking chair reading. Eli and Emerson usually play by themselves really well in the mornings and I try not to disturb them at all (I'm trying to foster independent play that doesn't involve being attached to me).

They were both in the living room, it was quiet, we were all happily engrossed in what we were doing. When I looked up from my book I noticed Emerson...

She was sitting exactly like I was sitting, engrossed in her book. So much focus and concentration. I realized that she was doing exactly what I was doing. Spending the morning reading. It melted my heart. She "read" her books intently for about 20 minutes.

2.) Yesterday, Emerson decided that piggy needed a diaper. So I obliged because I think her love of piggy is adorable.
Piggy in a diaper. Of course not to be out done Eli decided his blanket needed a diaper...

Which was pretty much the most hysterical thing I've ever seen. This boy and his blanket. He insists on dragging it every where. 

He was adjusting the diaper.

4.) Eli is also getting much better and remember things or attempting to tell me things. Emerson and Eli both have trouble keeping their pants up. They're scrawny. The other day they were playing when Eli came to me and said, "sissy pants"

He then pulled me by the hand to show me that Emerson's pants had indeed fallen all the way off. 

He also gave me a report of his time with Marcus. They went to the park (Which Eli and Emerson call the "wee"). I asked Eli what he did with daddy he told me, "daddy, wee, wagon. He went with his daddy to the park in the wagon. Adorable.

5.) We live in a very small community surrounded by farms. Recently they've been finishing up one harvest and preparing their fields for another season of planting. In preparation they've been spreading cow manure everywhere and so it smells quiet strongly.

We were driving to the store when we passed a field with a fresh layer of manure. Emerson got the most panicked look on her face, scrunched up her nose, and said, "mama, mama, nose." 

I guess she's not quite used to being a country girl. 

On unrelated notes:

They still won't nap with the exception of two days ago when I somehow managed to get them both asleep for about an hour.

We also cannot get Emerson to wear her glasses. We're not suppose to force the issue but she won't even put them on at this point. Any suggestions? 

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~Jess said...

Linus! They could be Sally and Linus for Halloween!

Kids are a riot!