Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's a movie watching kind of a day...

None of us got any sleep last night. I finally dozed off around 1:30 am just in time to wake up at 2 am to a hysterical Eli, burning with fever, and totally inconsolable.

Eli was thrashing everywhere and it was clear that he was in a great deal of pain. Emerson of course woke up in the commotion and she started crying and kept saying, "bubba owie, bubba owie."

Marcus ended up taking Eli to the ER around 3 because we couldn't get him to calm down. The sight of Eli and Marcus leaving upset Emerson even more so she and I hung out and she finally fell asleep in bed with me around 3:45. I stayed awake waiting to hear from Marcus and it doesn't help that we live in Mayberry so the drive to the ER is an hour round trip.

I think we were all back in our own beds and asleep close to 5 am.

Eli has an ear infection and today the four of us our incredibly sleep deprived.

Marcus is at work.

I have papers that I'm editing that have to be sent out today for my ordination stuff (There's no flexibility in this deadline) and Eli and Emerson have been watching movies.

I usually feel guilty when they spend so much time in front of the TV, I try to limit it to one show a day, but I feel like the circumstances warrant a movie day.

Back to work.


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