Saturday, October 29, 2011

Snuggle bug...

Last night on two different occasions Emerson and piggy made the trek down the over the baby gate, down the hall, up the hope chest, and into our bed.

Each time she snuggled underneath the covers between me and Marcus, and each time she put her arm around my neck and snuggled right next to me.

It was so sweet. However, she needs to learn to stay in her bed. So each time Marcus carried her back.

She's always been a snuggle bug and I love it.

She's a little possessive though. Today I was rocking Eli in my arms. He just wasn't himself, when Emerson saw me she came over and laid right down on Eli and said, "mama me." She has to learn to share her mama.

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Creole Wisdom said...

What a love! I would LOVE if a cutie pie was snuggling ME like that. You are a lucky lady, love that she is posessive, too :)