Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Their personalities...

What I find so fascinating about Eli and Emerson is how consistent their personalities have been since before birth. Even inside Eli was this calm easy going baby. He hung out in one position, occasionally would kick and let me know he was around, but the doctors could always pinpoint his heartbeat immediately because he was very consistent. During ultrasounds he was very easy to get pictures of, and we have so many perfect profile views of him.

As a baby he continued to sort of be low key and easy going. Never in a hurry or rush. It took him forever and a day to drink a bottle. Good lord the boy was a lazy eater and he was pretty content with anyone. A new babysitter would not faze him at all.

And today he continues to be this way. He's still never in a hurry. When we go for walks he folds his arms across his chest and takes everything in. Really, really slowly. There's no hurrying him. He listens amazingly well for a two year old. When I tell him to stop doing something, go get something, or pretty much anything he just does it.

What prompted this post was today he requested more juice. I told him we were out of juice so he said, "all-gone juice" and then said "thank you" to the cup of water I handed him off he went.

Now miss Emerson. Is pretty much the exact opposite of this. Inside she was all over the place. Changing positions everyday, refusing to stay on the monitors (thus prompting the need for me to be monitored more). We have over 20 ultrasounds and we don't have a single profile of her because she refused to hold still for the ultrasound tech. She was impossible.

Then in the NICU the nurses all had a common description for our little 3lb peanut. Feisty, she was constantly ripping out her tubes, she refused to take a bottle, by clenching her jaw down and she would not budge an inch. She is not a fan of strangers and from a very early age she perfected this glare when ever anyone approached.

When babysitters would come over she would sit in her swing and stare at the wall refusing to allow pretty much everyone to hold her (except her Delfin she loved him, Delfin called her his little diva).

And she continues to be so independent and feisty. She's pretty openly defiant, when she wants her way she's pretty clear about making that known. She's also incredibly sweet and cuddly and loves to be held and snuggled.

Here's how she reacted to the news that there was no more juice, by laying on the floor and screaming "JUICE, JUICE" as though the entire world was coming to an end.

I adore that they're so different and I wouldn't change anything about them. They complement each other perfectly haha.

She just finished running across the yard. This was her finishing pose. 

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~Jess said...

It's amazing watching their little personalities. Ave is kind of in between Eli and Emerson, but more like Emerson.

I love your kids :-)