Monday, October 10, 2011

Back from CT & Mother of the year today...

I left on Wednesday last week to spend 4 days in Connecticut for the wedding of one of my best friends from graduate school.

I had such a great time. Another friend and I ended up on the same flight from Phoenix to Providence so we spent 5 hours on a plane laughing and talking (much the annoyance, I'm sure of the women next to us). It was the fastest 5 hour flight I ever had.

Then we spend the next 3 nights staying up with more friends until 3 or 4 in the morning. So suffice to say I'm exhausted today, which is where the mother of the year part comes into play.

Eli is napping for the very first time since we put them in toddler beds. Of course he's not napping in his bed, he's napping in the middle of the living room floor, but I'll take it. And Miss Emerson, since she refuses to nap is watching her 3rd movie (*hangs head in shame*). I'm just so exhausted, Marcus is at work, and Emmy won't nap.

I plan on writing a post with pictures about the entire weekend. I just need to find the energy to download my pictures. Hopefully later tonight.

I've really missed Connecticut. It was a huge surprise to me that being back in the state in many ways felt like going home. Even though it was only our home for 3 years so much of our lives changed there. It was nice to be back, among friends, if only for a few days.

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~Jess said...

Survival my dear. Survival.

I can't say anything about the TV time....Ave watches way too much since I'm slowing down.

Sounds like you had a blast!