Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Speech update...

I've mentioned before that I worry about their speech delay. I really try hard not to compare them to other kids their age, but it's hard. Especially because the other kids that I'm comparing them too are also twins and were also born premature. So in my mind that levels the playing field some.

So I read that other kids their age can speak in sentences, count, knows their colors, can sing the alphabet etc. I just worry. They are making progress and that's what I mostly try and focus on but it's hard to get that voice out of my head that just worries.

So for some updates. Eli has very recently started putting two words together. This usually consists of the word "No" and then something else. For example, "No nap" "No eat" "No sissy" "No mine". In fact I can't think of any other two word phrase (aside from thank you) that he uses that doesn't contain the word no. His one three word phrase it, "Are you shoes" he's always wondering around the house yelling, "Are you?" those dang shoes are never where they should be. However, Eli still doesn't repeat words that we say.

That's where Emerson kicks in. She's not stringing any words together yet but she's a little parrot and tries to mimic the last word of everything we say. Which can get really fun. We've been praying for Somalia in our prayers and hearing her try and say Somalia is adorable. She also won't attempt to say Emerson, instead she just sticks with "Emmy" when we try to get her to refer to herself.

So that's where we are at with speech.

I do have a funny story though about attempting to teach colors. We talk about the color of everything all the time but so far they're not getting it at all. Eli just stares at us and Emmy just repeats the word without any real awareness of what or why she's saying the words.

The other day I decided we would do a color lesson. Some intentional learning time. So I pulled out our block set that looks like this.

I figured this would be good because it has four basic colors to start with yellow, green, blue, and red. I started with two kids but Eli quickly got bored and ran away so it was just me and Emmy ready to learn some colors.

In my hand I gathered several of the green ones. I think I had three or four in my and hand and I kept showing Emmy and saying "green". Then I laid four of them on the floor....

like this. And said "okay Emmy can you find me a green one."

She was so attentive and so cute and when I asked her to find me a green one, she stood up and took off running. She went to look around the house for another block. Haha bless her heart. She did find me another block. It wasn't green but it was a good effort.

It was hysterical. We did this several times and each time she stood up and took off running in search of what I requested. It was a good effort and she had fun, but no colors were learned.  

Maybe someday soon. We have a meeting with Early Intervention next Monday so we'll see what they have to say about the whole thing. 

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~Jess said...

It will come. I see Ave's cousin, who sings the whole alphabet and counts and talks a bunch, and think Ave should be doing that, as she's ONLY 3 months younger. I start to freak out, but they are all on their own schedule, it will come with time. It's hard not to worry though and feel like you're doing something wrong.