Monday, July 25, 2011

Some Stuff...

  • Today I went to the DMV to try and register my car again. It didn't work and our car still isn't registered. California does not want us to officially and legally live in this state. This makes Marcus pretty cranky. 

  • There was a toad in our yard yesterday a really big toad. I'm afraid of toads and frogs... this fear goes back years. The result of several things I think. Being chased by boys with frogs at FFA camp (ahh... the memories). My sister's love for all things living and the odd collection of reptiles, amphibians and mammals that took residence in her room as her pets (Lizards, toads, frogs, runt baby pigs, baby turkeys, birds, guinea pigs, all number of things). Truly odd and smelly when a baby pig pees in your closest, or your sister informs you that her latest reptile has escaped. Marcus likes to joke that my living in Mayberry is getting back to my rural living roots. One day maybe I'll share the story of one of the first times Marcus visited my house in high school and my dad had just butchered a pig. (We raised pigs back in the day). Of course maybe I won't people don't react so well to that particular circle of life kind of story. I've discovered this in my city living days. Anyways, back on point Marcus played with the toad some yesterday so the babies could see it. I kept my distance trying to remain calm so as not to freak out the children.

  • Eli peed on the potty. Well, what happened was we were getting ready for bed and Eli & Emerson are quite good and stripping these days. So while I got Emerson undressed, Eli took off his diaper. Emerson then wanted to sit on the big potty, so I of course let her, and then Eli sat on the little potty. However, he didn't quite get all the way on and so he peed on the floor, but he was sitting on the potty so I think this is progress. Of course he was totally unaware of what happened, but still a start, kind of. 

  • Marcus has a job interview tomorrow. Hopefully that goes well. 
That's all I've got. Good night.  

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