Sunday, July 10, 2011

I love them...

Eli & Emmy amaze me these days. They're so full of life, and energy, and they're hilarious. One of my very favorite things to do is sit outside and just watch them play. They can communicate with each other in a language I can't understand and they're just so intentional about their playing these days.

Tonight they brought me books and climbed onto my lap and we read. 

Then after we were done reading we said our bedtime prayers together. It's so cute because Emerson is in a parroting stage in that she'll attempt to repeat anything we say. Eli doesn't do that and instead choices to say only the words he knows. So our prayers usually go something like this "Dear God we love you. Thank you for food, our house, mama, dada, Eli & Emerson. Amen" 

Simple and short. Emmy attempts all the words, Eli just says Thank you and mama and dada, and then when we're all finished he shouts Yay! Which seems perfectly fitting to me. 

I love these beautiful babies of mine. 

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~Jess said...

I love these pictures of you guys!

Ave shouts AMEN after prayers...wherever we are :-)