Friday, July 29, 2011

Just like Mama...

Eli and Emmy love being outside and even though we live in Mayberry and have a totally fenced, private, yard we're not comfortable letting them play outside without one of us being present.

Often Marcus and I will both sit out there or we'll rotate. Usually, when I go outside I bring a book to read or my computer so I can do some work. The other day we were outside and I left the door to our house open so Eli & Emmy could come in and out as needed. I was sitting in my chair reading my book and Eli and Emmy were busy doing all manner of things around me.

Emerson was very busy and kept going inside the house grabbing a chair from their playroom (which is clear on the other side of our house) and then dragging it outside. This was no small feat for her and it probably took her at least 30 minutes to get both of the chairs outside and set them in the proper place.

Then after she got both chairs outside, she returned with some books. Then she sat, opened her book, and began to read.

It was only after watching all of this that I realized what she was doing. I was sitting in my chair with a book, so Emmy decided she would do the same (except she always thinks of her brother and brought a chair for him too).

She wanted to be just like her mama.

Not the best picture because of the sun. But she told Eli to sit too and then handed him a book. She was reading very intently. Eli just looks confused, he's probably trying to figure out why exactly his sissy wanted him to sit with a book outside. 

Emmy was very proud and was showing me her book and piggy. 

Reading with her "bubba" 
(Have I mentioned that's what she calls Eli "bubba")

Funny sweet girl. So much concentration and work to get her chair outside to read like mama. 

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~Jess said...

I don't blame you for not wanting to leave them in the yard unattended. When we fence our's in I won't let her be out there by herself.

Too cute that she was having you all do the same thing.