Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fun at the DMV...

I've heard that people often have a hard time at the DMV but up until today I can honestly say I haven't been one of them. Until today the only DMV I have ever visited was the quiet, calm, pretty much never busy, DMV in my small hometown in Nevada.

We have lived in three states since being married but because we were students we could legally hang out in other states and not become full fledged residents (although I might have broken some CT laws by not paying taxes on my car or something... but I'm just going to try and ignore that because I didn't know until it was too late).

Anyways, now that I'm a grown up and have a real job and all the fun stuff I went to the DMV in the city closest to our small town Mayberry (note: this is not actually the name of the town but it's so incredibly small it just seems fitting, I think Mayberry might have been bigger since it had a jail house).

We bought a new car at the end of May in NV, and we had one of those temporary registration things that gives you a month to officially register your car in the state where you reside. This temporary thing ran out exactly one week before we were scheduled to move to CA and it didn't make sense to me to pay to register our car in NV when we would have to turn around and do it again in CA a week later.

Maybe, I'm crazy but this made sense to me, and so our NV DMV gave us a 15 day temporary pass which allowed us to drive from NV to Mayberry.

So at the DMV today we were ready to officially get our CA plates yay us! Except no, apparently we cannot get plates without the title to our car. The only problem with this is we financed our car so we don't have a title. The company who we financed through has it, and we don't get the title until we finish paying for the car.

So somehow I have to convince this finance company to send the DMV the actual title, not a copy, but the real deal. In what universe does this make sense? I can prove I financed the car, I can prove that NV told me it was okay to move to CA without registering the car, I can prove that the car is insured but CA doesn't care. They just want to see the title.

I'm really curious what the finance company is going to say to my request for the title when I've made exactly one payment to them. This should be interesting.

I also know this probably makes no sense to anyone, because to be honest I'm confused by the whole thing, but it was incredibly frustrating.


In an unrelated note a man at a furniture store today told me he felt sorry for me because I had twins, and then he claimed he had it harder because he had three kids in three years. People are so weird. First, he doesn't need to feel sorry for me, and second it's not a "who has it harder" competition.

He also brought up some weird infertility stuff related to multiples but I'm just going to pretend like he didn't.

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~Jess said...

Oh to the man in the furniture store. You should have told have a friend who has an 18 month old and is pregnant with triplets! lol

I like Mayberry;-) I think that's a great name for it.

I find it odd that you don't have a title...usually you get one that says you have a lien on the vehicle to such and such a least thats how it is in NY. Hopefully they don't give you any trouble.