Saturday, July 23, 2011

Rough night=

a really bad day. My crohns has been really bad again recently (I have no idea why). To the point that I've lost about 4lbs. Normally I would be happy about such things but not when it's the result of the crohns. The really sucky part is I need to find a new GI doctor in the area and then because my insurance sucks I get to pay out of pocket for it all. I was up all night in pain, which has resulted in a completely lethargic, useless me, and does not bode too well for sermon writing.

I'm having a blah kind of a day.

This post has no point except it serves as a means to continue my sermon writing procrastination.


Language Arts Lady said...

I'm so sorry. I totally understand. I have Crohn's and I'm a teacher. It's really hard to do anything on a bad day... except just sit and don't move. It's awful when you have to actually get something accomplished.

Hopefully you'll feel better quickly!!

~Jess said...

I hope you're doing better soon, and that you're able to find a doctor.

Carlita said...

I'm sorry about the rough night. I hope you feel better soon.