Saturday, July 16, 2011

Marcus is a nerd...

no seriously he is (and I love that about him). He's one of those unexpected nerds because he was never too into school and reading is a struggle for him, but he loves all things nerdy.

For example the discovery channel, the history channel, space, the human body & how it functions especially the heart, and dinosaurs. This last week he's been reading Eli & Emerson some dinosaur books and then they even looked up some different dinosaurs together on the internet.

Then today I got this text from Marcus (he took the kids to the store while I worked on my sermon, which is what I should be doing but I decided to blog really quick first).

Marcus: We found dinosaurs

Me: Okay...

Marcus: They love them and I'm scared to put them back

(haha I suppose he could sense a potential 2 year old tantrum x 2 in the store should he remove the dinosaurs from their hands)

Me: Uh oh.

Marcus: $1.68 for the dinos?

Haha, I knew he'd give in and just buy them the dinosaurs.

I can't wait to see what these beloved $1.68 dinos look like.

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