Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A visit to the hydro shop...

Okay first do you know what a hydro shop is? Because I had no idea until today. Since we're moving I've been checking craigslist for free boxes. Today a guy posted that he had a ton so we emailed and he said we could get them today from his hydro shop.

Sounded good to me. Marcus picked me up from work and I told him our destination. When I mentioned that we were going to a hydro shop he started laughing and I couldn't figure out why. In my mind hydro sounded like some kind of water or gas, so I envisioned a shop similar to one selling propane.

Marcus then informed me that many patrons of hydro shops grow their own weed. Huh, who knew? Not me, but we did get a lot of free boxes.


Carlita said...

Wait till you get to California where it's (almost) legal. There's practically a shop on every corner.

~Jess said...

Yea, we didn't know what that was either lol