Wednesday, June 15, 2011

On the Move Again...

Did I mention that we're gone again? We got home Sunday, were home monday, and then left again on tuesday. I'm currently at the annual conference for my church. Every year laity and clergy from our conference come together to vote on legislation, make appointments, worship etc.

I really love annual conference but the days are incredibly long (sometimes 12 hours). The highlight for me today was getting to hear Jimmy Creech speak about his experience and his ministry. He wrote a memoir about his experience called Adam's Gift what's funny is that I'm familiar with his experience. I've used his trial in papers, I've used it in classes I've taught, so when he started talking I was thinking... "Oh, so that's the guy." A really powerful testimony of doing justice. I hope to do some of the same in my own ministry.

Marcus is with me for the experience but the babies went to hang out with their grandparents for a few days. Just a quick update. I'm exhausted (that's like my motto I think, it seems I'm always exhausted) so off to bed. Although I still intend to post more about our vacation next week I just need a few moments of time.

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~Jess said...

I think you guys need a break from your breaks and vacations lol you've been all over!

Glad you're having fun though.