Monday, June 13, 2011

Marcus is at the ER with Eli... *Update*

and I forgot my phone in the diaper bag which Marcus has with him. *Sigh* I did learn how to text via gmail so we are communicating that way. Earlier today Eli managed to climb out of his crib and hit his head really hard. Then early this evening he was knocked down and slammed his head on some concrete.

He was acting so weird. He fell asleep on the car ride home and we couldn't get him to really wake up. I even tried sitting him up and he just sort of fell over. We're afraid he might have a concussion so off to the ER. I'm so worried about him. I hated having to stay behind. Poor Emmy was so confused she kept crying for her "bubba" after Marcus left with Eli.

He's going to be fine we have to watch him closely. Wake him every 3 hours and try to keep him from doing anything that could repeat the concussion...  Uh, Marcus failed that at the hospital.
Apparently two head bumps aren't enough. He wants to live dangerously and risk a third. I'm so relieved he's okay. Sometimes it's really hard to make that call, but he was really freaking us out when he wouldn't wake up. We'll just keep an eye out the next 24 hours but Marcus says he's pretty much acting like himself.

Being the mom is hard sometimes. 


Debbie said...

Being the mom is very hard. :~)

Carlita said...

Yes it is. It's good to hear that he's doing well now.

~Jess said...

He's certainly a boy, Eli that is :-)
I'm glad he's ok.