Thursday, June 23, 2011

Eli Makes Me Tired...

but in a good way. He's so busy all the time and he really loves to make jokes (he thinks he's pretty funny). Yesterday, while Marcus ran to the store I took the babies outside to swim in our little swimming pool. In the span of 5 minutes Eli did the following things:

1.) Poured the little bit of Dr. Pepper that was left in the can on the ground and then licked it up (Oh my lord so gross).

2.) Threw my shoes in the pool and then over the edge of the balcony. (They were flip flops so no shoes were harmed in the process).

3.) Splashed water all over me and my chair.

4.) Picked up a bug, showed it to me, and then for some reason smooshed it on his face (I think the smooshing on the face may have been accidental).

5.) Found a random quarter, put it in his mouth (because he knows he's not suppose to) and ran away. (Luckily he didn't get far and I got the coin safely away from him, this one not so funny).

6.) Figured out how to operate the sprayer on the hose and sprayed everything.

I realize that when you look at this compilation it looks like he was being naughty but he really truly wasn't. He was just playing, and he's busy, and I found most of this hilarious. Maybe that's bad parenting on my part I don't know. He cracks me up though.

Emerson in the meantime was sitting in the pool playing with the balls.


kvaughn said...

oh the difference between boys and girls! Isn't it amazing even at that age?! I am excited to see you all this weekend!

~Jess said...

Another difference between boys and girls :-P

Glad you're able to laugh about it....that's a good thing :-)