Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Male Mind vs Female Mind...

I wish I had time to write a real post from my vacation a couple of weeks ago, but alas my home is in chaos my last week of work is hectic and I just can't do it. However, I do want to share this hilarious miscommunication Marcus and I had during the wedding weekend.

First some background. I'm from a family of 6 kids and 5 of us are girls. So my house growing up had pretty much everything female you can imagine. Marcus on the other hand is the youngest of 4 boys.

Emerson was the flower girl in the wedding and I realized that we forgot to buy her some nice socks to wear with her dress shoes. You know the white socks with the ruffle... so while I was busy with wedding stuff I gave Marcus the following instructions, "Go buy Emerson some pretty white socks to wear with her flower girl dress."

So Marcus sets off, and buys some pretty white socks.

When I came back to the hotel that evening I see a package of regular white socks. Nothing fancy, no ruffles, not dress socks by any stretch of the imagination.

Me: "Marcus I thought you said you bought some pretty white socks."

Marcus "I did... those are brand new, and they're pretty white if you ask me.

Here was the breakdown in our communication.

My definition of pretty = An attractive thing, pleasing 
She is so pretty when she wears her hair that way. 

Marcus definition of pretty = To a moderately high degree; fairly
She looks pretty good considering her age.

We had a pretty (haha see what I did there) good laugh about it later, and my friend Sandra went and bought some real pretty socks for Emerson to wear for the wedding. 


~Jess said...

Ahh, yes, the difference between boys and girls and the difference of "pretty"....at least you guys are laughing over it. I feel bad for your one brother amongst all those females :-P

Debbie said...

I'm laughing my 'you know what' off!! That's so funny.