Monday, June 6, 2011

On Vacation...

I love vacations but they always make me so exhausted especially since having kids, every thing is just more work. Yesterday, we left on our trip right after church and drove for 12 hours. Ugg... the babies did really well for the most part, especially considering this is by far their longest trip to date. We arrived at our first destination at 1:30am and then we had the fun of trying to get the kids settled back down for the night. Wake up time came a little too soon this morning and we've been on the go ever since.

Right now we're spending a few days with Marcus brother, his wife and their daughter. I love that we all get along so well especially me and my sister in law. Plus Marcus has such a fun relationship with his brothers that I love when they get a chance to spend time together.

 We went to the children's museum today and I have so many cute pictures. I love seeing Eli & Emerson interact with their cousin (She's 20 months old). Earlier today Emerson was speaking her "gibberish" to her cousin Cassie, and Cassie would nod in response and speak some gibberish back. They were clearly having a conversation that nobody else was a part of. Cassie apparently picked up on Eli & Emerson's language pretty quickly, I tried to get Eli to help translate but he wouldn't do it :~)

I'm going to try and upload some pictures tomorrow. Right now it's almost midnight and vacation is wearing me out.


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Carlita said...

Have a wonderful vacation!

And thank you for visiting my blog. It would be really nice to meet you guys after reading your atory for so long.