Saturday, February 12, 2011

Watching Eli with Marcus is hilarious...

Right now as I type Marcus is searching for a remote Eli lost. Marcus got on his knees and looked under the couch, so Eli got on his knees to look under the couch.

Marcus remained on his knees and was "walking" on his knees. Close behind Eli is also slowly "walking" on his knees.

Marcus moves his arm, Eli moves his arm. It's hilarious.

This morning Marcus was reading an ESPN magazine. Eli not wanting to be left out grabbed an avon magazine that was laying around. Together they sat there and read. When Marcus turned a page, Eli did too, and then looked at his dad with a smile.

It's so hilarious and adorable.


Emmy is still sick and still running a fever. It's down to only 102 but she's so lethargic and just doesn't look well. I wish I didn't have to work tonight and tomorrow. I just want to sit and cuddle with my sick baby girl.


~Jess said...

You've got to get that on video! How funny!

Praying for you guys! Give both those kiddos a hug from us.

Julie said...

That is so cute!