Friday, February 11, 2011

Hearing Test...

Today Eli & Emerson had a hearing test at the request of their speech therapist. I took them by myself, despite Marcus' warnings that it was not a good idea to be out numbered by the babies. I figured that the worse thing that could happen is they would both melt down and that would suck but we would all survive. (Marcus couldn't come because he's been watching another little girl all week so he stayed home with her).

I used the stroller of course because they are not to be trusted unconstrained and we did fine until it was time for the doctor to look in Emmy's ears. I think she's still really freaked out from her hospital stay because when the doctor came near her she starting shaking, crying and panicking.

Eli was fine still strapped in the stroller for the looking in the ear part but the soon wanted out. The actual testing of their hearing was interesting. First, I took Emmy with me into a sound both and was instructed not to move or respond to anything. So I started straight ahead as they started playing different kinds of sound with different tones. Then occasionally a really bright light and noise with a toy inside would go off.

Eli during this was hanging out with the doctor outside the both and he kept trying to open the door and escape. He was also opening drawers he's a little too curious for his own good. For Eli I kept Emmy in the sound both with some toys and she played on the floor and held Eli and we repeated the process.

According to the doctor today they both have moderate hearing loss and neither of their ear drums are moving like they should. Since Eli is getting over an ear infection and Emmy doesn't feel well the next step is to get them healthy and retest and see if they improve.

So that's that. It wasn't something good to hear but I feel mostly okay about it because we have all the information. They were sick or recovering for a sickness today that impacts things. Hopefully the retest when they're healthy (assuming that ever happens) will show that all is well.

I apologized to the doctor for coming in shorthanded but she said I did fine so I'm just going to believe her, plus Marcus was impressed. He refuses to take both of them to a doctor by himself. (Not that I really blame him it is easier with the two of us).

Emmy already has an appointment with an ENT on Monday to check her adenoids and tonsils. She snores like an old man which isn't normal for such a tiny girl. However, it's looking like now Eli will need one too for his ears infections.

I'm so tired of doctors and appointments.

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~Jess said...

Prayfully their hearing is just being affected by their being sick and they score wonderfully once they recover!