Sunday, February 27, 2011

Marcus is mocking me..

in a nice way because I've taken to a letter writing campaign to my congressman. I didn't like his vote to cut Federal Funding for Planned Parenthood. The congressman sent me a "response" to my first letter and frankly I didn't like it.

So I wrote my congressman a follow up letter with a few more questions and concerns. Marcus is laughing as I passionately typed away and was explaining to Emerson why we were writing to our congressman man. (She was sitting on my lap "helping me") Marcus said, "wow you really showed him."

Haha, I know, he doesn't read his email, I know his reply is just a stock reply, but it makes me feel better.  Marcus and I are trying to decide if we think I'll get the exact same letter in reply to this second inquiry. We shall see. (So this is kind of an experiment too) but he did say to keep him informed of the issues that matter to me and to keep in touch (we're obviously BFFs now) so I think I'll take my congressman up on that offer.

Here's my second letter to my congressman. I think I'm going to write to him about my issues with medicaid next. This is kind of fun.

Dear Congressman _____
Thank you very much for your response regarding my inquiry as to why you would vote to cut federal funding from Planned Parenthood. However, I have to say that you're response did little to alleviate my concerns as you have turned this conversation into one about abortion. You state in your letter that you, "support the privacy rights of women..." and yet your vote to restrict federal funding to Planned Parenthood directly contradicts this statement. Planned Parenthood is one of the largest providers of healthcare for women in this country, not to mention it is one of the only options that is accessible and affordable.  

By voting to cut funding you are essentially voting against women and their right for access to basic medical and family planning care. Even more concerning however is that you are turning this question into one about abortion when it is in fact not about that.  

Congressman ___ as I'm sure you are well aware (or at least I would hope you are well aware) federal monies cannot be used for abortions. Therefore your statement, "Millions of hardworking taxpayers strongly object to their tax dollars funding activities such as abortion, which they find morally objectionable." is inaccurate and not relevant. This is not a question about tax dollars being used for abortions since it is already stipulated that federal dollars cannot be used for abortion. Not to mention there are hundreds of Planned Parenthood clinics around the country that do not even offer abortion services.  

Planned Parenthood far and above provides things like, pre-cancer screenings, screenings for sexually transmitted diseases, sex education, access to birth control and family planning resources. Cutting funding for planned parenthood does nothing to impact abortion, once again this is NOT about abortion. It is about the right for women to have access to medical care, care that Planned Parenthood can uniquely offer to women around the country. I really do hope that you will keep my concerns in mind in the future when voting on issues relating to Health Care and Planned Parenthood.  
Thanks, Sadie

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Carlita said...

Well said! Keep on writing.