Friday, February 4, 2011

Just a few things...

* In the last few days Emerson has a added a couple new words to her vocabulary. She now says Daddy and it's so cute. Two very clear distinguished syllables "da - dee" it's so cute.

* She's also started tackling Eli. She runs at him, throws her arms around him, and then they both go down laughing. I told Marcus this is what happens when the only TV they've ever really watched is football games.

* Speaking of football. We don't have cable or any channels on our TV. Any television we watch is from netflix or on-line. Marcus found a german station that showed all of the NFL football games so he's been able to watch them all season long. Today he went to the site and there's a huge banner covering the page informing everyone that the department of homeland security has shut down the site. Eek and oops. Then he was mad that he's not going to be able to watch the super bowl on line.

* Emmy had a doctor appointment today. She has an awful diaper rash that won't go away. We also wanted to get a referral to an ENT. She snores like an old man and always sounds like she can't breathe. We've been telling doctors this forever but no one really takes it seriously. Finally the doctor today got a look in her mouth and said her adenoids do look enlarged and we finally got a referral.

* While Emmy was at the doctor Eli hung out at work with me. Oh my lord that boy is curious. He tried to get into everything. I got no work done but Eli although he had a bit of a meltdown when I wouldn't let him play in the sanctuary...

* I finished my first full week of tutoring. It's a lot more work than I was anticipating. I have to create 12 lesson plans a week and pretty much have to find/create all my own resources (which was not communicated to me by the company). Aside from that though I don't actually mind it too much. One of my students is spanish speaking and his mom doesn't speak any English. Today during our session it was like I was tutoring the whole family. The mom and my student's sister sat on the couch and listened as I taught and I could hear them talking to each other about the things I was teaching. (For example I heard them saying "there, their, & they're" and then trying to remember how to use each as I was working on it with my student).

* My crohns medication cost $300 a month. We can't afford that I'm in the process of trying to figure out how to manage this new expense. From looking on-line I see they have a discount program but I have to call and see if I qualify. In the mean time I've been off the medication for a week and that's no good at all.

* Eli lost our keys today. Marcus and I spent an hour looking in every single place we could think of all over our house. We finally found the keys stuffed inside the subwoofer (is that how you spell that?) of our surround sound system. Crazy kid.

* I finished Delirium by Lauren Oliver. I loved it!

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~Jess said...

(i have a lot of posts to catch up on:-)

Isn't the Da-Dee the sweetest thing?!

Definitely thinking the football might be part of the tackling lol

Sounds like you guys got a lot going on. Hopefully you can find some solution for the prescriptions.