Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Not one of my finer moments...

I'd like to think I'm a fairly intelligent person. Yet, on almost a daily basis I am reminded that I really lack in some of the more elementary things in life. For example pumping gas. I don't do it and I've gotten away with not pumping gas for almost the last 9 years.

Please don't revoke my feminist card but pretty much since I started dating my now husband Marcus I haven't had to get gas. In high school Marcus' car was always broken and so I let him use my on pretty much a daily basis. I joke with him now that I was the best girlfriend ever because I gave him a car, and since he used it all the time he always just put more gas in it for me.

Then after we were married and moved away to college we lived on my university campus. I could walk to school, work, or church in a matter of minutes so driving wasn't an issue. Where as Marcus commuted to both work and school so once again he just filled up the tank.

Fast forward to our three years in Connecticut for graduate school and we once again lived on my campus. I worked on campus, all of my doctors were on campus, I could even walk to my internship site should I desire and the places I couldn't walk Yale had a very efficient bus system. So no need for me to fill up I never drove.

But now reality has set in. I'm the one working and tutoring. These days I drive more than Marcus and when I got in the car today to head to work I saw the bright light of the empty gas sign.

I frantically texted Marcus, "um there's no gas, you think I'll run out?"

Pretty calm about the whole thing he says, "Well maybe just get some gas." Yeah easy for him to say, but since I'm brave these days/ on anti-anxiety medication I decided I'd try it.

I pull up and I actually manage to get the gas tank on the side it needs to be so I'm off to a good start. Then I start reading and following the instructions provided. Put my card in, pull it out quickly, type in my zip code, select gas, begin pumping gas. Easy...

I made it all the way through the type in zip code step but for the life of me couldn't get the rest of the pump to actually work. I hit the selection button over and over. I awkwardly stood in the parking lot trying to see if I was missing a step somewhere.

Finally, after several minutes some guy comes out of the store and yells, "Miss you need to lift up the lever."

"The lever which lever?"

He directs me, lever is up, hose in the cars gas tank and I push the button. Nothing comes out. I wait and push, and wait. I look around for the guy who shouted at me before and when I finally see him shout, "Excuse me sir but nothing is coming out."

At this point he just looks exasperated and says he'll find someone to assist me.

A very unfriendly attendant came out to assist me and he very easily got the gas flowing and walked away. "Wait sir, ummm how do you make it stop."

Good lord, I felt and I'm sure I looked like a huge idiot.

I can write papers,
I can read a book in a day
I have a masters degree from Yale
but pumping gas...

nope not for me.


Carlita said...

ok that is a bit embarrassing but I have no doubt you're going to master it in no time. What I find totally impressive is how much you read...and with TWO toddlers and a job! I'm wondering if you get any sleep.

~Jess said...

I'm trying not to laugh....really I am :-P