Monday, February 14, 2011

Funny/ Weird things people say to me...

I tutor 6 kids 10 hours a week and sometimes the things the kids say to me are hilarious. For one of my students we were working with a thesaurus to find some synonyms. I chose the word "happy" and we looked it up and together we read through some of the other words for "happy" when we got to "Gay" my student (a 5th grade boy) looked at me and said, "gay doesn't mean happy" I then explained that it was actually quite common many many years ago to use gay to mean happy but we also know that it means other things today. He nodded following what I was saying and said, "So back in 1984 they used gay to mean happy." Apparently to him the year of my birth 1984, 26 years ago is many many years ago.

Before I left he boldly declared, using his new found knowledge, "I am so gay that I own a dog."  Job well done Sadie, job well done hahaha.


In a similar conversation with a 6th grade boy I tutor we were reading sentences and using context clues to discovering the meaning of unknown words. The sentence started, "Back in the day scribes used to handwrite manuscripts." I asked if the first part "back in the day" gave us a clue and he said, "Yes it means a long time ago like in 1994."

Haha that made me feel even older that to this boy 1994 was a long time ago. Hilarious.


In weird comments I took Emerson to the ENT doctor today and as we were both sitting in the waiting room a women said,

"How old is she?"

"21 months"

Here response to this was,

"Are you and her dad small too?''

Say what? I was so confused. For one I was sitting in front of her so she could see pretty accurately how big I am and I didn't understand the rest of the question or fully grasp what she was getting at. I finally guessed that she was asking why Emerson looked so small (I don't even know if she does compared to other 21 months olds. I only have Eli to gauge and they're pretty much the same size).

It was super bizarre she tried to continue the conversation and when I mentioned Emmy had a twin brother the infamous question, "So you must be done right?"

I hate that question and we get asked it all the time. For one it is not polite to inquire about the family planning of complete stranger (or depending on the relationship even someone you know). Second, having a one boy and one girl was never our ultimate aim. We wanted a child period the sex of said child was inconsequential to us. Had we had two of the same sex our family planning decisions would not be altered.

I was annoyed and luckily she moved to go watch her 4 year old son in the play room.

I give her bonus points though for not asking if they were identical.

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