Sunday, February 6, 2011

Emerson gets in these moods...

where she's the happiest, funniest, most delightful baby every and today was one of those days. She just acts super goofy and smiles all day. Marcus and I both love these days and were especially glad that she's feeling so much better (even though Eli is sick again).

Her commentary during the super bowl was adorable, especially since her vocabulary is so limited. It went a lot like this,

"ball!" (with lots of pointing each time she saw the football).

"bay bee" (on certain commercials). Then when the commercial would go away I would ask, "Emerson where did the baby go?"

Her response, a shrug with both her hands up to suggest "I don't know"

Then arms up during each touchdown, with lots of gibberish in between silly kid.

Eli on the other hand laid on his daddy's lap poor sick baby.

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~Jess said...

She's too cute! Those smile days are the best! Poor Eli though :-(