Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I have dental insurance yay!! This is probably mostly only exciting for me since I haven't had dental insurance since I was married (7.5 years ago today). So in that 7.5 years I've been to the dentist ***coughtdakfjdajonetimecoughaldjfaldj***. So once my 6 month waiting period was over, (for all those pesky pre-existing conditions which probably include just having teeth if it's anything like the rest of the insurance world), I very eagerly made my appointment. I'm happy to report that I'm still cavity free! Not a single one my streak is still alive.

I do have to get my wisdom teeth pulled at some point and I have to go see an orthodontist on Monday for some severe TMJ but I'm just relieved that despite my past insurance issues my teeth are no worse for the wear.

I also talked to the doctor about Eli & Emerson and when they should be seen. He said not until they're 3, but we can bring them in before for a free exam to get them used to the dentist. So we might do that at some point soon. I imagine Emerson will be freaked out but who knows they often surprise me.

I really liked this dentist. He was very kind, took his time, answered all of my questions, and even gave me a lesson on flossing. I think if I actually flossed the way he instructed it would take about an hour, but I'll try to do as the doctor advises.

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~Jess said...

I don't like the dentist....or the $100 a pop it costs us to go to the dentist.

Matt always has a clean bill of health, and less than exemplary habits...while I always have some issue every few years.

If you want some advice/info on TMJ let me know. I have major issues with mine.